Monday, February 27, 2006

The Empty Nest

Our house is so quiet! The kids are in McComb with my family for a few days, and Jay & I just don't know what to do with ourselves! This is the first time in nearly a year since we've been without them. We certainly miss them, but after Captain Rotavirus staged an attack on our home, we needed a break. Hayden ended up catching the virus and strep, too. Then Jay got strep, I ended up catching some sort of fever virus for a few days, and our house was one big infirmary. We finally got back to normal toward the beginning of last week, but we had it rough there for a while. I'm sure the kids are getting spoiled rotten by all of the grandparents and great-grandparents, and we'll have lots of damage control to do once they get home, but it's all worth it. Jay & I get the break that we need, plus the kids get a break from us, too. I've not been doing very well with my picture-taking lately. Actually, I've been taking them, but they are just random, silly pictures that no one would be interested in. I'll try to take some when they get back from McComb and post them for all to see. They sure are getting big!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Germs, germs everywhere!!!

Don't come to our house... Don't even come down our street... We've got GERMS!!! Hank has been fighting strep & rotavirus since Wednesday, and Hayden just threw up a little while ago, so the rotavirus must have gotten to her despite all of our precautions. For Hank, the virus started out with a couple of throw ups on Wednesday followed by about 7 - 10 diarrhea diapers each day. So, Hayden's little incident tonight is either a sign that the rotavirus has found a new host or it could mean that she had the play screwdriver stuck a little too far in her mouth. Either way, she got a bath and a suppository and should be out like a light shortly. After talking to the nurse on the phone both Wednesday & Thursday, we decided to take Hank in yesterday when we got the two diagnoses. Hopefully, the shot of penicillin he got yesterday will keep Hayden from getting strep, too. Regardless, we are homebound for the next several days... Which doesn't bother me... it's too darn cold out there! I've taken a few pictures and put them in the February album for all to see... Click here to see... Have a great week and stay healthy!!!