Sunday, August 26, 2007

Way off topic...

I love a pageant - I don't want to be in them (my first and last was when I was three), but I LOVE to watch them. I used to make up score sheets and "judge" the Miss Mississippi and Miss America pageants when I was growing up. One of my favorite things about living in Vicksburg is that it's home to the Miss Mississippi pageant, and seeing it in person is way better than on TV - not to mention all of the hoopla that goes on during the week (parade, autograph parties, newspaper coverage) - love it. I don't have the time to do the whole score sheet thing anymore (plus, it's probably just a little bit weird), but I still love to watch. If there's one on TV, you can bet I'm watching.

So, Friday night was the Miss Teen USA Pageant. I TiVo'd it (since I don't have the time watch anything LIVE anymore), and finally sat down to watch it tonight. Y'all... it was so bad. The girls were cute (a bit too sexy for a TEEN pageant thanks to Mr. Trump, but whatever) and who can resist a little A.C. Slater as the host? But poor Miss South Carolina BADLY screwed up her on-stage question and tainted my whole Sunday night pageant experience. It was like a trainwreck - you really don't want to keep watching, but you can't help but be riveted! Jay had to cover his eyes midway through her answer (I rewound it and made him come watch). Bless her heart, she was my #1 pick up until the interview. Afterward, I quickly changed my mind, moved my #2 (Colorado) to #1, and thankfully she won. Sweet Carolina ended up as 3rd runner up (should've been 4th, though).

For your enjoyment, I've included a clip of Miss South Carolina's transformation from my #1 Miss Teen USA pick to the #1 Most Viewed clip on You Tube. Watch at your own risk.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good old-fashioned fun

Playing with the hose Saturday afternoon...




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Pics from the new school...

These were taken on the first day. I didn't make a big-to-do out of it, b/c I didn't want them to freak out about the whole 'this is your first day at your new school' thing. So, I just snapped some random shots and ran out!




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Sunday, August 19, 2007

A change is gonna come...

We've found a house!

Click here to see a little video provided by the realtor. The first part of the video is of the neighborhood amenities. Our soon-to-be new house is brick - so don't be thinking that we live in that huge yellow house on the water - that's the clubhouse! Anyway, we'll be moving sometime before September 14. We're so excited!

Also, H&H started their new school on Monday. I was nervous all day, thinking of them in their new surroundings with no familiar faces or places. But when I picked them up that afternoon, Hayden ran to the door and announced, "Momma - I HAD FUN!" It's been smooth sailing ever since.

Here are just a few recent pics...




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