Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Spotlight on Hank

Hayden is usually the one who gets all of the attention (mainly because she DEMANDS it), but I've posted two cute videos of Hank below. The first one is of him eating a pizza. The second one is of him going down a slip-n-slide. He had a blast! Hayden was content just watching the action. I've also uploaded some pics, so check out the July album by clicking HERE

Things are great around here. Everyday they say something new. Hank loves to tell you to "be careful". And when we put them in the car each day, we usually put Hank in first because we can trust Hayden not to walk away from the car. She'll stand next to the car and say, "doooooon't moooooove". They have surprised us by being able to sing all of the words to Twinkle, Twinkle (must have learned it at school). Hank is doing something strange these days - when he points to an object or says a word, he says the letter that it starts with first. For example, he says "p-potty, d-daddy, b-ball" etc. I'm not sure where this is coming from unless his speech therapist has been doing that with him. He's VERY good with his alphabet. He can tell you every letter of the alphabet if you point to them - even randomly. Hayden is not as interested in that kind of stuff as he is, but they both love books, and can even recite a few of them. We're just amazed at all they can do, considering the odds that were against them. Right now, they're doing just fine!

Enjoy the videos!