Thursday, December 02, 2004

Eye doctor appt

Hayden's appt went well yesterday. The eye dr was very pleased and said that he wants to see her back in two years! He checked her for glasses and said that she was a little far-sighted with an astigmatism, which is normal for her age. No glasses anytime soon. The downside to yesterday was Hayden's being called a boy 7 different times at the dr office. Four people in the waiting room told me how cute my son was, then the dr said, "How's my boy?!", and two nurses did it, too. I know she's bald, but the ladybug and flower on her bib ought to give you a hint! Oh, well, her mommy was a "boy" until she was four and started growing hair, so I guess Hayden is just doomed. She did get her second tooth Monday morning. So, she's tied with Hank (even though his are just about all the way in, and you can see them when he smiles!). Have a great weekend!

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