Sunday, October 09, 2005

Let's go Krogering!

If it weren't for these cool race car shopping carts, we wouldn't be able to go to the store... They can both sit in the buggy, and they LOVE to "drive"... However, by the time we make it over to the frozen foods, they are beginning to get tired of sitting so close to each other, and Hayden starts sticking her finger in Hank's ear, and Hank starts trying to eat Hayden's shoes.

It takes forever to shop - not because of the kids being bad, but because of strangers stopping us to say:
1. Are they twins?
2. How old are they?
3. Can they walk?
4. Do they get along?
And my favorite: You must have your hands full! I'm glad it's you and not me!
To which I reply, "Me, too! I wouldn't have it any other way!"

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