Friday, December 02, 2005

Long time no post...

Sorry it's been so long.... There's hardly any downtime around our house, AND our computer died, so getting updates to y'all hasn't been easy. Let's see, where do I start???

The kids are healthy and doing great. Hank had a check-up with his neurosurgeon, all was well, and he doesn't have to go back for a year! Hayden is really growing up and becoming such a little priss pot. We are still seeing glimpses of the terrible twos, but things aren't all that bad just yet. Hank has yet to utter a real word, while Hayden says something new each day. Maybe he just can't get a word in edge-wise! They are both getting speech therapy, and I guess it's going well. Hank is definitely more vocal, but nothing really meaningful. Hank is also getting occupational therapy to help him learn to use a spoon and stuff like that. The therapists come to the house twice a week, and H&H seem to really like it.

Now, on to food.... We basically haven't found anything that Hank won't eat. He LOVES to eat, especially veggies (lima beans are his fave!). Hayden is picky-picky like her mom. She's also very fickle - she may like green beans today, but not on Tuesday... They LOVE cheetos and animal crackers and peanut butter sandwiches.

They are really interacting with each other these days. They play chase and can get so tickled at each other. They just laugh and laugh. Hayden loves her "bubba" and tries to hug on him, but he isn't interested. One night, we were staying with my Nanny in McComb, and both kids woke up in the middle of the night. Both of them were in bed with me, and I thought they had gone back to sleep. I eased up, scooped up Hank, and started tip-toeing him over to his playpen when Hayden sat up in the big bed and hollered, "BYE, BUBBA!" So, Hank woke up, and we were all up for another hour.

I've uploaded a few pictures to the Shutterfly site that I've kind of abandoned lately. Click here to see them. I'll have to explain the last two photos (I'll include them at the bottom of this post, too). We have this dog/child pen that we trap the kids in at home. With two kids, they never want to go in the same direction, so when there's only one parent at home, it's easier to just contain them. So, I was at home alone with them, and I fixed them some ravioli. They absolutely wouldn't have it. So, I put them in the playpen and went to the kitchen to find them something else. I forgot that I had left the ravioli bowl on the coffee table, and when I went back into the den, they had pushed the playpen over to the coffee table and were feeding each other the ravioli. Remember, they wouldn't dare eat it when I was trying to feed it to them! Oh well, at least they ate...

Notice the quilt on the floor. That's where the playpen had originally been - almost perpendicular to where it is in the picture.

That's all for now... We're getting all geared up for Christmas. The kids don't have a clue what it's about, but it sure is fun for us big kids! And they still haven't touched my tree, either! Whew... maybe that's a bullet we'll dodge...

Happy Holidays!

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