Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's almost official!!!

Although Hayden has been pronouncing that she's two for a few weeks now, it will finally be official on Tuesday the 17th. Tomorrow, it will be two years since Jay rushed me over to Jackson, not having a clue that our babies would arrive about 30 hours later. Wow, does time fly!!! We had a birthday party this weekend at my Nanny's in McComb. We had a lot of family in attendance, and the kids had a blast! We hit two milestones this weekend... well, sort of... Hayden dialed 911 for the first time & both kids climbed out of their pack-n-plays that they sleep in when we're staying away from home. Neither of them hurt themselves, but it scared us to death. Hank did it first, which was surprising since Hayden is usually the instigator. Jay ended up taking Hank to bed with him while I stayed up late visiting with my grandmother. About 11:15 Nanny & I were talking on the couch, and all of a sudden Hayden just appeared! So, now we don't know what in the world we're going to do. As for the 911 call, Hayden loves to play with phones (real ones, not toy ones - and yes, she knows the difference). She was playing with the real phone, and Nanny took it away from her. Two seconds later, the phone rang, and it was 911 calling us back to see if we had an emergency. No emergency, but it definitely was an action-packed weekend! I've got pictures from their party that I'll upload when I get a free minute, but I'm sure you realize that there aren't many of those around here. I promise to get them uploaded before their next birthday, though! I'm off of work tomorrow, so hopefully I'll find the time. Until then, just keep checking back (those of you who are still checking this thing two years later!).

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