Tuesday, June 06, 2006

First Day of School

Hayden & Hank did great on their first day of school - so great, that we left them all day instead of the originally planned half day. We took them about 7:45, and they walked right in and started playing. They didn't even miss us. The teachers said that Hank whined for just a couple of minutes when it was time to come inside from recess, but that's the only time either of them was unhappy. They went right to sleep when it was their naptime (I think it's because of the comfy sleeping bags I sewed them) :) They have swim time on Monday afternoons, and they both loved it yesterday. We picked them up about 4:30 (Hayden saw us, pointed, and said "Oh! Look!"), and they were filthy! The playground is mostly dirt, and I think H&H must have just rolled around in it. After we picked them up, we took them to McDonald's for a sundae to celebrate their first day of school. They were both so tired that they just laid their little heads down on the table. Then Hank realized where we were and started chanting, "French Fry, French Fry..." So, we went ahead and got them a happy meal for dinner. After that, we came home and dunked them straight in the tub. You should have seen all of the dirt at the bottom of my tub when we got them out. Yuck! Hank was ready for his bedtime milk at 6:00 - he was just so tired! I kept them up until 8, but they were yawning like crazy. They crashed once we put them in the bed.

Today, Hank cried a little when I dropped them off, but when I picked them up, the teachers said that they had a great day. Again, they were dirty, dirty, so they got a bath first thing. I think it's confusing them a bit, because baths were normally right before bedtime, but I just can't stand them being so dirty.

On another note, Jay was approved by the Madison County School Board last night, so he is officially the head boys soccer coach at Madison Central. There was a nice article in the Vicksburg Post today about his leaving. Click HERE to read it. He held his first tryout tonight and was so pleased with the talent that the kids have. I think he had about 42 kids show up, and there are several who were unable to attend due to vacations and camps. He's so excited!

I took some pictures at the reunion this weekend, and I also took some pictures of their first day of school. Oh, and before you look at them, I need to explain something. There are a couple of pics of Hank with what looks like a fake ear attached to is head. However, it wasn't fake - it was his real ear. Something bit or stung him on Friday morning, and it swelled up to inhuman proportions. It was the biggest ear I've ever seen. We went to the doctor, and she gave Hank a shot of decadron, and the swelling had actually started going down by the time I took the pictures. He felt really bad on Saturday at the reunion, but by Sunday he was back to normal. Click HERE to see them. Enjoy!


Mandy said...

They are just too cute, Sally! Sounds like school is fun for them. My niece goes to Emmanuel Daycare in Ruston and she comes home filthy from the playground too. I think my brother decided to buy her cheap play clothes and shoes for daycare and then regular clothes for other places. Whatever works! :)

shellie said...

Sally, it has been forever since i looked at the website!!! Congratulations to Jay! We saw the article in the paper and we are not surprised. He is so talented. However....it is Warren Central as well as Vicksburg's loss. We will all miss him so much!!! So will yall all head over that way? the children are absolutely precious!! what more can be said!!! i love reading about them and looking at the pix!!!!! take care...Shellie Matthews