Sunday, October 08, 2006

October stuff

Here are some pics from the last week. Hank had an EEG on Monday (it was normal), and we had to stay up all night the previous night so that he would sleep through it. It was definitely an interesting night. I was beat. The kids school pictures also came in on Monday (see the post below). Hayden wore panties for the first time on Saturday (we weren't all that successful, but we'll try again), and we went to one of the local playgrounds this weekend to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Enjoy the pictures!


knelson said...

Hey Sally - The pictures are so precious! Why did Hank have the EEG? Did I miss that in one of your posts? Love you!

sally said...

Hey Mrs. Kathy,

Thanks for checking in on us. As you know, H&H were born early, And common to preemies are brain hemhorrages. Hank had one of these at birth (a Grade 3 out of 4)which caused some hydrocephalus, and he underwent shunt surgery when he was a year old. In addition, he hasn't been paying attention very well at school and doesn't follow directions well. (I know - he's TWO - but it's all relative). So, because of the attention stuff coupled with his brain issues that we are already aware of, his doctor decided to do an EEG just to make sure he wasn't having any mild seizure activity that we weren't aware of. They had advised us to stay up ALL NIGHT the night prior to the EEG so that he would sleep through it, and that was definitely an experience. We made it to 3:15 a.m. and Mommy had to crash. We woke back up at 5:00 and lasted until the EEG at 10:00 when he got to nap and Mommy didn't. I was a zombie the rest of the day, but the results were normal, which is all that really mattered anyway.

I wish you could see these little boogers in person. Hayden is such a little ham, and Hank is... well, he's just all boy... All he wants to do is RUN!