Saturday, March 10, 2007

We're finally home!

After 5 long nights in the hospital, Hayden is finally at home. Apparently, the pneumonia was worse than we thought, plus Hayden's prematurity caused her lungs to not recover as quickly as most kids would have. Regardless, we are SO glad to be home and be a family of four again! I took some (okay, a bunch) of pictures while in the hospital and have put them in the album below - just click on it to open.

Hayden did a great job in the hospital. She had everyone eating out of her hand - she was the princess of the 4th floor. You would have never known she was sick after the first day. She had the best disposition and was so much fun to be around. We played lots of games and colored a bunch (she's on a sunshine kick, so we mostly drew sunshines... of EVERY color). She never tried to get out of the bed until Hank came to visit, and she wanted to get down on the floor to hug him, which soon led to her wanting to run around with him, but we just plopped him up on the bed with her, and that solved the problem.

For those of you who are lucky enough, enjoy your Spring Break. And enjoy the pictures...

March 2007


Elizabeth said...

Sally, Those pictures are adorable!!! That is too sweet that Hank and Hayden love each other so much. Glad all is well and y'all are back home.

Anonymous said...

sally- first time on your blog site! love it! i am so glad hayden is feeling better! love all of the pictures and updates. talk to you later

katie c hall

Rebekah said...

glad that hayden is well and y'all are home...I'm sure you are too. How is Princess Hayden adjusting to life outside of her castle?