Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Neat News

One Saturday afternoon Jay, the kids, and I hopped in the bed for a little nap. We had just moved into our new house a week earlier and our mattresses were still sitting on the floor! Anyway, I was the only one who didn't fall asleep, and when I got out of bed I noticed everyone looked so peaceful that I decided to take a picture (of course).

Later that afternoon, I read online about a photography project called America at Home. They wanted everyday pictures of homelife in America. The topic for photograph submission that particular day was "Your Sanctuary". On a whim, I decided to submit the photo of Jay and the kids sleeping (which by the way was not one of my favorite photographs, but I thought it fit the topic). Imagine my surprise when I learned today that it will be included in the America at Home book to be published in March 2008!

Here is the photo... To learn more about the book and the project you can go to http://www.myamericaathome.com/ Now I wish I had submitted more pictures - y'all know I have tons!

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Megan said...

that's a sweet picture. how fun that you are going to be published!