Sunday, June 13, 2004


H&H slept all night last night--a whole 8 hours straight!!! We fed them at midnight (we're late-night people, so we're always still up at midnight) then put them down and went to sleep. At 7 a.m. I bolted straight up in bed and freaked out. I ran in their room to make sure they were still breathing, and of course they were. So I went back to bed until they woke us up at 8. Hallelujah! It may not happen again for a while, but at least we know they are capable of it. We're about to go get our baths--they both love them. I put their tubs up on the bathroom counter, and they watch themselves in the mirror and splash having the best time. Since we can't really go anywhere and do anything, I let their bathtime be their special fun time. I let them make the biggest mess, and I get sopping wet, and I don't care. Maybe I'll take some bath pics this week and post them. Thanks for checking in! Have a great week!

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