Monday, June 28, 2004

A vacation - right down the road

H&H spent their first night in a hotel room last night. We had a really quick but bad storm come through Vicksburg yesterday, and our power was out for 18 hours. We got a room so we could keep their bottles cool and warm them up for feedings, and just for overall comfort. It didn't phase the babies at all, but Jay & I didn't sleep a wink. We're not used to sleeping in the same room with them, so we heard every grunt and snort. Hank found his grin on Saturday. He'd been smiling some, but not regularly or in response to us. Now he does, but he's still stingy with them, which makes his grins extra special. Hayden smiles all of the time and is in the best mood when she first wakes up (she doesn't get that from her parents!). We have a dr appt on Wed. so we'll have updated weights then. Have a great week!

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