Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Another dr appt

Our dr appt went really well today. Hank weighed 13-10, and Hayden was 11-8. Dr Smith was very pleased with their progress, especially their developmental skills and said they'd probably be sitting up in a month or so! She gave us the go-ahead for yellow veggies, so they had carrots for dinner. Hank ate them right up--opening his mouth and everything. Hayden didn't want to open her mouth, she just wanted to stick her tongue out and lick the carrots off of the spoon. We filmed the whole dinner, too. It was pretty funny. Just as a check-up, Hank will have a CT scan on Tuesday. His head hasn't been looked at since we left Baptist, so she just wants to check him out and make sure there's not an increase of fluid in his ventricles or any swelling. Please pray that we get good results. Hayden was a little congested today--apparently, so little that I hadn't even noticed. Dr Smith gave us some medicine that Hayden does NOT like. It was so much fun giving it to her tonight (note the sarcasm). Both are sleeping soundly now after a very busy and stressful day (both got 2 shots). Now it's my bedtime--hope I can sleep as well as they are!

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