Monday, October 18, 2004

Not a fun day

Hank's MRI went well. He wasn't very happy while they were putting the IV in, and mom & dad almost cried too--he was so pitiful. Afterwards, they wouldn't let us leave until he opened his eyes, and it took FOREVER! We tried pinching, poking, rubbing, yelling, cold rag, but nothing worked. He was a limp ragdoll. Finally the nurse put the rag in some ICE COLD water, and that did the trick. He's been very clingy and sleepy since then, and she said to expect that for the next 72 hours, possibly. We have to wake him up every 2 hours to make sure he's okay. We'll get the results on Monday, so check back then for an update. Until then, enjoy the cute, new pictures under October. Thanks for checking in!

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