Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Big Birthday Coming Soon!

Hi everyone! We are officially on the birthday countdown. I can't believe they'll be ONE in a matter of days. They had their one-year checkup yesterday and got a great report. We can start making the transition off of formula and onto whole milk, and they can start eating basically any table food they want. This is huge news for us, because making 8 bottles of formula each night is no picnic! Hank weighed 16-15, and Hayden weighed 15-4. The dr said that Hank is just a little skinny for his length, so we're supposed to start feeding him more. And Hank's head hasn't grown, which is really great news. Hayden is in the 10th percentile for size. She's such a tiny, little thing. Our dr isn't concerned though since my stature is small, too. Hayden had another ear infection--maybe the same one from a few weeks ago that never completely went away. She put her on a stronger antibiotic this time, so we'll go back in two weeks to see if it's gone. They'll also get another RSV shot along with their chicken pox shot. We'll see Hank's neurosurgeon on the 24th for a CT scan and checkup, and we're really excited about that. Hayden is crawling all over the place and can pull up in the blink of an eye. She's even started to hold on with only one hand and take a couple of tentative steps. It won't be long before she's walking! Hank does the commando crawl, pulling himself along the floor with his arms. He's trying to pull up, but can only get to his knees right now. We just finished re-doing their playroom, so they have lots of room to roam these days. We'll be having their birthday party on Sunday, and I know they can't wait to show off for all of the family (especially Hayden, who loves the spotlight!). Thanks for checking up on us! And make sure you check back at the beginning of next week for pics from their party!

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