Friday, January 28, 2005

We're Home!

Hank's feeling great, and so are we. He is such a champ! We'll go back for a check-up on Feb. 11, and then he'll be monitored reguarly for the rest of his life (in case you didn't know, this shunt stays in his body forever). I just uploaded the pictures from the hospital into the January album below. Warning! There are pics of Hank's incisions. They are covered with steri-strips, but some of you still may find it a little graphic. I do have some cute pictures of him prior to surgery, so you'll want to check them out. The graphic pictures are numbers 157-161, so as you are viewing the slideshow, you may want to skip over those. I don't think they're gross, but some of you may. Hayden is still with my family in McComb having the time of her life. She loves the spotlight, and there’s no doubt she is center-stage down there. Hurricane Hayden will arrive back in Vicksburg on Sunday. We are so thankful for all of your thoughts and prayers--you never let us down!

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