Monday, February 07, 2005

Happy February!

Time is flying by! Hank is healing well from his surgery. Other than the scars, you would never guess he'd had anything done. Dr. Parent told us to expect some developmental improvement in the weeks to come, and we are already seeing it. Last night, we found Hank standing up in his bed! That was a big first for us. We have felt that Hank's gross motor skills were lagging a bit, so it's great to see things happening in that area. Hayden has had a couple of firsts herself. She has begun saying her G's and sounds quite frustrated when she does so. This is what it sounds like: "god, god, god, god, god, god, god". It's really funny to hear come out of her sweet, little mouth. She also has begun to play peek-a-boo now. She's always loved for us to play it for her, but now she really takes part. She pulls her bib up over her face, then lets it down. She is SO cute! She loves to clap her hands and has learned to "strum" her lips to make noises. Both H&H are enjoying feeding themselves finger foods. Jay & I never know what kind of treat we'll pull out of their cracks and crevices (slices of cheese can fit in the strangest places!). Hank likes to share pancakes with me in the morning, while Hayden loves pasta dishes. Hank is like a chipmunk, storing food in his cheeks for up to an hour! While Hayden is the fastest eater on the planet. Hayden got slighted on having her photos posted to the web while Hank was in the hospital, so I made up for it tonight and posted some of just her. They're in the February album below. I hope you enjoy them. We are having tons of fun, and I wish each of you could experience just a teaspoon of the joy we have each day. Thanks for being great friends!

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