Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Overdue Update

I know it's been forever since I've updated, but as H&H become more mobile it seems that our free time is getting more scarce. These little boogers are everywhere! Hayden still isn't really walking, but she'll take a step here and there. When she realizes that she isn't holding on to anything, she just sits down - chicken! Hank is getting more and more steady on his feet. He's cruising well, and can get anywhere he wants to go. He was 20 lbs at our 15 month checkup Monday, so he got to turn around and face forward in his carseat. Hayden was a petite 17 lbs 11 oz, so she'll have to stay rear-facing for a while. Both kids are healthy, and we got the go-ahead to get out a little more, although we were advised to still limit our contact with children until May or June, then it will be back on house arrest once the cold & flu season starts in Sept/Oct. Hayden is a champion bye-bye waver. She says bye-bye whether we're coming or going. She knows where Mommy's nose and mouth are, and she loves to clap for herself. Hank is learning to drop things and will entertain himself forever just picking things up, dropping them, and doing it all over again. He, too, loves to clap for himself and still uses his mouth as a third hand to carry whatever he doesn't have room for in his hands. They eat grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta, veggies, mac-n-cheese, scrambled eggs, and anything they can pick up. They are so much fun, and when people remark that they don't know how we do it with two babies, we just say that we don't know what we'd do if we just had one. How boring! :) Thanks for checking in with us after all this time. We're doing great, and I promise to keep updating--even if it takes me a few weeks. Y'all check out the new pics in the Feb-Apr gallery.

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