Monday, May 02, 2005

A wedding, some shoes, sweets, and church

H&H have had a fun few days. Friday they went to their first big party! Ms. Donna, who takes care of them each day, got married, and we all went to the reception. The kids were great, and Hank loved bouncing and clapping to the music. Then he promptly passed out and slept through most of the evening! I've posted pictures in the Feb-May gallery below. Today, we took Hank for a checkup with his neurosurgeon. He had a CT scan, and his ventricles look great. They have definitely decreased in size since his surgery, and the dr was very pleased. Afterwards, we all went shopping and got H&H their first pair of shoes! Since we haven't been allowed to get out of the house much, we haven't had the need for shoes. Imagine going 15 months without shoes! I've got a pic of Hank with his on, but Hayden's are being ordered. They also had their first chocolate chip cookie today. They LOVED it! They also tried a little bit of mom's ICEE, which they thought was so much fun to sip through a straw. This Sunday (Mother's Day) will be baby dedication day at church, and H&H's dr has given us the okay to start going to church and leaving the kiddos in the nursery. We are so excited about that! So, this Sunday will be a big day for all of us. We are ready to get out among the living. Enjoy the new pics and check back next week for pics from Mother's Day. I hope to have some cute ones of the kids all dressed up.

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