Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hank is home!

It's Wednesday afternoon, and we're home. Hank is doing really well. His fever finally broke, and he is back to his old self. We still don't know what was going on, but all signs point to it being something viral. "Something" did show up on his first chest x-ray, but since our ped had never seen his lungs before, she wasn't sure if it was scar tissue from being a preemie and hooked up to artificial respiration and oxygen or if there was a little pneumonia in there. He had another x-ray this morning, but I'm not sure what the conclusion was. All I know is that she said everything was "alright", and we got our walking papers. Hallelujah! Free at last! We HATE being in the hospital, especially with a 17-month-old hooked up to an IV and doesn't understand that he can't teethe on it or jerk it or any of the other tricks he tried. Jay stayed with him the first night while he was all sick and pitiful and groggy. Piece of cake. I stayed with him last night when he was starting to feel better, and he was bouncing off the walls. I thought he would never settle down and go to sleep. I called Jay and told him I wanted to switch, but he didn't go for it. Oh, well. I'm headed to the couch for a nap. Thanks for all the prayers. I'll post some pics of Hank in the hospital later on. Check back.

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