Friday, June 17, 2005

H&H are 17 months old!!!

Hayden is walking everywhere now, and Hank is beginning to show some interest in walking. I think he's still convinced that he can just go faster by crawling. Hayden says "light", well, just the "t" part of it, and she points to the light, as well. Hank won't point (it's not polite to point anyway!), but he does look at the light when you ask him where it is. He plays peek-a-boo, and Hayden beats her chest when you ask her where Hayden is. So cute, both of them! Jay & I just got back from vacation, and H&H stayed in McComb for 8 nights. They had a blast and gained whole pound each on that good ol' homecookin'. I'm sure they're bored being at home now, since there were always so many people around to entertain them (or to be entertained!). We took them swimming at Grandma & Grandaddy Harrison's today, and I got some fun pics. Hayden wasn't too sure of the pool - the first time we've seen this side of her. Usually, she's the daredevil. Hank loved it. He splashed and splashed until we were all soaking wet. Check out the June pics to see the latest.

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