Monday, September 05, 2005

What a week!

Wow! It's hard to believe everything that has happened in the past week. Thankfully, we were only without power for about a day and a half. Jay's parents are still without power, and one of his sisters has a tree through the middle of her house. We were all very lucky.

The kids didn't miss a beat through the whole storm and afterwards. They even got to eat out twice, since we didn't have power. When we thought all of Vicksburg was still out of power, we decided to head to Tallulah, Louisiana, to get some McDonald's or something. But before we got out of Vicksburg, we noticed that a local restaurant on the frontage road had an OPEN sign lit up. We thought we'd see if they really were open before we used the gas to get to Tallulah. Sure enough Fiddlesticks Catfish was open, and not only were they open, but catfish, fries, and drinks were on the house until they ran out! We couldn't believe it! We were so grateful and promised to visit him again and spread the word about his generosity. So, everybody go eat at Fiddlesticks and support the folks who fed many of our Vicksburgers for free.

Later that evening, we went to eat Mexican. Hayden and Hank loved their cheese quesadilla, but loved even more playing with the extra straws the waiter gave them. Hank even figured out how to poke his into the right hole in the plastic top on his cup. Hayden simply just chewed on her straw. We saw lots of friends and family in what appeared to be the only open restaurant in town. Then we got the phone call that our power was back on. By the time we returned to our house, the A/C had cooled it off, and it felt so good. 95 degrees with no A/C is not fun.

Not much new is going on with the kids. Hank is sporting a mullet and needs a haircut badly. I'm think I'm just going to take matters into my own hands and do it myself. It can't look any worse than it does now. Hayden is talking up a storm, but we have no idea what she's saying, though. Hank is waking up from a nap, so I'll have to close now...

Please remember the folks of our region in your prayers.

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