Sunday, March 26, 2006

What a fun weekend!!!

We had a ball this weekend... First, we went over to Ruston (which is where Jay & I went to college) for Jay's cousin Alan's wedding to India. Everything from the rehearsal dinner to the reception was beautiful and perfect. The kids were really good (considering that they are two years old), and they had a great time. The rehearsal dinner was at Squire Creek Country Club. When I was in college, I babysat the founder's grandchildren, and the now championship golf course was just a cattle farm. Jay even drove a hayride through the property for our church's Fall Fest. Now, the grounds are gorgeous, the clubhouse is huge, and there are neighborhoods popping up all over. What a change! Hayden danced for everyone at the dinner - even though there was no music whatsoever. She is such a performer. And we couldn't contain Hank. Everytime we put him down, he headed off to explore. He's fast, too! Hayden loved the ketchup that came with her fries (we had a more formal dinner), and Hank ate his fries with no hands. He'd put one in his mouth, then chew it on in without using his hands. You'll have to watch the following slide show to see what I'm talking about. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel, and Hayden slept with me, and Hank slept with Jay. They did really well.

The next morning, they watched the cars on the interstate go by outside the hotel room window. Each time one went by, they'd yell "CAAAAAAAAR!" That morning, we went down for breakfast then over to my adopted family's house to visit. No, I'm not really adopted, but my church in college (Temple Baptist Church), where I also worked for 4 years, had an adopt-a-student program where families in the church would "adopt" a college student. These families would invite the students over for lunch or dinner, let them wash their clothes at their houses, or just provide a quiet place to study. It was a wonderful program, and I was lucky to be "adopted" by a wonderful family - the Coxes. Three of the family members weren't around this weekend, but we got to visit with the daughters, and Hayden & Hank loved them. I can remember when these girls were so young - in fact, Mallory was about 4 when I was adopted, and she's almost 15 now. Bethany was 8, and she's almost 19 now. Time sure does fly.

The wedding that afternoon was beautiful, short, and sweet - just how I like them. H&H stayed in the nursery during the wedding, so Jay & I really got to enjoy it. Afterwards, Hayden danced her little tush off at the reception to a wonderful little jazz band, Equinox Jazz. I know two of the guys in the band, so if anyone is looking for a great band, talented and entertaining, you should check them out - and tell 'em I sent ya! We left the reception, and the kids fell asleep in the car immediately. I took a quick trip through Tech's campus to see all of the changes that have occurred in the 7 years since Jay & I left.

On Sunday, the kids and I drove up to Money, MS, to meet my old college roommate Janie who is down here from Boston. I got to meet her son Tucker for the first time, while we visited at her in-laws' hunting camp. Hayden loved baby Tucker, and Hank was really interested in the stuffed alligator head.

Now our normal schedule returns tomorrow, and it's back to work for mom & dad. It was a fun weekend, but not a restful weekend... We'll have to wait another week for that. In the meantime, enjoy the following slideshow of the weekend, and click here to check out Hayden dancing at the reception.

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hey.. its my favorite baby sitter haha.. your kids are cute.. lauren and i are sittin in class and i asked bout you and we started lookin at this...