Monday, January 22, 2007

Busy as bees.... three-year-old bees, that is

January is such a busy month! I'm going to try to give you the condensed version of what's been going on at our house.

First, Hayden & Hank had pneumonia to start out the new year. We kicked the pneumonia, but junk settled in their ears, so we had ear infections. Now, let me clarify: you can never tell that my children are sick. They play and act like normal, which is crazy. So, while I've got them home from school, they're climbing the dang walls! Hank's ear infection is still present, so we've pretty much been on antibiotics since right after Christmas, and I need a vacation!

After the holidays, Hayden started wearing panties to school. She's only had one accident at school, BUT she's holding it the whole time. She won't even go in the potty - she loves to SIT on the potty, but she won't DO anything. She waits until they put a pull-up on her at naptime, then she fills the sucker up. Any ideas, moms??? Will she not DIE when she's older and finds out I put her potty training woes on the world wide web?

Somewhere in there, I had a job interview in Jackson. I really think it's something I'd be interested in, and I'm excited to see what happens.

Then, last weekend, we had Hayden & Hank's 3rd birthday party (YES! THEY'RE THREE!!!). I really can't believe it's been three whole years since I first met their tiny little selves. They are such miracles! Most of the family was here for their Buggy Birthday Party (it's hard to find party themes for both girls and boys!). We had a great time, and the kids got a bunch of loot. On their actual birthday (Wednesday, January 17) we had planned a small party at their school for around 2:30. Well, at noon I got a call from the school saying that Hank had fallen and needed at least one stitch in his forehead. So, I rush to the school, then rush to the ER (which is another story), and get his head stitched up. He ended up needing two stitches, even though I asked the dr to make it three to commemorate his third birthday :) He never even cried until they held him down - he HATES to be restrained. Afterwards, we got some nuggets and fries (which will cure ANYTHING), and we went home thinking that he would take a nap. Wrong. The kid was raring to go. So, I went and picked up their birthday cupcakes and headed to the school to have the party. Why not?

I'm sure I'm missing some other things that have kept us busy, not to mention we're in the thick of Jay's soccer season with playoffs just around the corner (Go Jags!). And did I mention that I also work full-time???? Whew!

Anyway, here are some pictures from this month (click the picture to open the album). Kind of a hodge podge of things but enjoy, nonetheless.

And thanks to those who are still checking on us after THREE years!!! Comment and let me know who you are!


Catherine said...

I'm still here! I'm hoping that I get to see Hank and Hayden in person some day. What a cute birthday and what cute kids. Thanks for continuing to share the blessing of your kids with us!

Sara said...

The kids are precious! They are definitely little miracles. Can't believe they are 3 already!

rachel hood said...


this is rachel,, bekah's little sister...i saw your post on bekah's site...not that i am any pro but it sounds a bit like oldest just turned four, and it seems hard to believe that it has been a year since going through all that with her... she knew the whole potty drill but like hayden wouldn't go...
she turned three a few weeks after i had our third baby and i had just given up...when things got mellow and she got used to malorie (new stresses/holidays/etc made her a mess) i just showed her how many pants were left...every time we put on one we'd say look there almost gone then we get to use the big girl panties (complements of aunt bekah and shannon)...then- we went cold turkey-nighttime/naps everything...rubber sheets protected the bed for the few accidents (really only three that i recall...but all that to say i think they go when they are ready and no sooner or later...
also a little encouragement for you, a week before my son's SECOND birthday he started going to the potty (still in pullups at night) cause he still sleeps 11 hours, but totally trained other than never know...hang in there, and i'll pray for you and the kids as often as y'all come to mind...

Rebekah said...

Hey Sally,
SOOO good to hear from you old, I can't believe the twins are 3; they are adorable. It seems like yesterday that we were all praying for y'all while they were in the NICU...they are truly 2 little miracles.

Well, as far as potty training goes, I am adopting the philosophy that you can lead a toddler to the potty, but you can't make them tee tee.:) But some things that helped was keeping them bare-bottomed as much as possible. It's like they don't know where to put it and so they just do it on the potty. And finding something that really motivates them, like candy, etc. We did the old chart and when Caleb got all his stickers for the week, he got this toy that he had seen at Target.

Good luck, just know that I know A LOT of kids, especially boys, that aren't potty trained until 3 1/2 or older. Hope to "talk " to you soon

lauren said...

Hey Sally!!! I've kept up with you some through Susan...I'm glad you stopped by and now I know where to find you! Your kids are precious and your blog is pretty impressive too with all the videos, etc! I bet you're a busy bee right along with Hank and Hayden!