Sunday, May 09, 2004

Our first road trip

Wow! It seems like forever since I've updated. We've been in McComb since Thursday, and we had the best time. We got to see lots of family and friends that hadn't seen the twins yet, and H&H got to meet their great-grandfather Gilbert. How exciting! They slept the whole way there and back, and didn't miss a beat the entire time we were there. In fact, we plan to go back this coming weekend since Jay will be out of town for a soccer tournament. I went to my friend Deedre's wedding (congrats to her and Jim!). She was beautiful, and the wedding was so sweet. I got to see a couple of friends from high school there, one of whom has boy/girl twins also. The highlight of our trip was a special Mother's Day gift that I received today. Actually, it's for both Hayden and me. My aunt passed down to me my great-grandmother's engagement ring, and one day it will be Hayden's. How special is that? We have an eye dr appt in Jackson tomorrow (Mon.), and I will update tomorrow evening on the results of that. I will be uploading later tonight some new pictures from our McComb trip to a new photo album entitled "May 2004". Enjoy!

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