Sunday, May 16, 2004

Trip #2

We're back from our second trip to McComb, and again we had a great time. H&H had some more visitors, and were in great moods for all. The cereal is doing the trick, and we aren't spitting up anymore--yay! I know they're going to get so fat now! Hank has already moved up to size 1 diapers. Hayden is beginning to laugh and smile a good bit. We don't know what Hank is capable of doing, since he sleeps the days away...lazy bones! We have no doctor appointments this week, and I am so excited. It's nice to not have to do anything. This is Jay's last week of school, then we'll have a few weeks of family time before I go back to work, then Jay will have them for the remainder of the summer. I'm off to unpack from the weekend. I'll try to take some pics this week and post them Friday. Check back and have a great week!

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