Thursday, May 20, 2004

Same ol' stuff

Okay, don't hate me. Sorry I haven't updated, but there really isn't anything to update. Everyone is still doing well, and we are still having fun. I've been trying for a week to get Hayden to roll over for the video camera, and I finally got her the other night--twice. All the other times, she'd do it, I'd run to get the camera, and she wouldn't do it again. Typical. Hank could probably do some tricks, too, if he'd just stay awake long enough. What a lazy kid! Hayden loves to help me update the website and email people, so she's with me now. Where's Hank, you ask? Where he always is--asleep. I should be thankful that they aren't both wide-eyed at the same time! We have no plans for this weekend, so we are looking forward to some family time at home. I put a new picture in the May 2004 gallery. It's nothing big, I just thought H & H looked cute hanging out in my grandmother's chair. Enjoy.

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