Sunday, July 18, 2004

6 months old

We had a great visit in McComb this weekend while Jay was fishing in South Louisiana. Hank put on a show for everyone--he is "talking" up a storm now. How I wish I knew what he is trying to say! Hayden is a sassy little thing who flirts just enough to get her way. She is spoiled rotten, but is so precious with the sweetest grin that you can't help but give in to whatever she wants. We are really going to have our hands full with her. The twins were 6 months old on Saturday. I can't believe they are already half a year old, but then again it seems like eons ago when Jay & I made that trip to Jackson, not realizing we'd be parents of two tiny babies the next day. Whew--what a ride it's been! Thanks to everyone who continues to check up on our family after all this time. There are many of you whom we don't even know, yet you are so precious to us. H&H wouldn't be doing so well without you!

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