Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Send in the clowns...

Well, he certainly took his time getting a personality, but Hank has turned into such a little clown. He laughs and smiles at us now, almost constantly, and this only started Sunday night. He is so much fun. And Hayden-all it takes is a little eye contact, and Hayden pours on the charm. She grins and sticks her tongue out, flirting with anyone who'll give her the attention. They are both getting so strong--they hold their heads up really well when on their tummies and love to "stand up" when you hold them in your lap. Hank is still much bigger than her, as you can tell by the last picture in the July photo gallery. I took that shot of them on the floor in just their diapers so you could see the size difference. You can really tell it when you hold them--2 pounds is a lot!

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