Tuesday, July 06, 2004


The thing I've been waiting for finally happened yesterday! Don't get too excited, though. It won't be nearly as earth-shattering for you as it was for us. Hank put his pacifier back in his mouth by himself 3 times yesterday! I've told several people that some people can't wait 'til their kids walk or talk... I just wanted mine to pick up their pacifiers and put them back in, and finally Hank did it! Of course, once I got the camera out he didn't do it again, but oh well. We went to McComb for the July 4th holiday weekend and had a great time. H&H got to meet some family from Austin, TX, at a get-together on the 4th. They even put their little toes in the swimming pool for the first time. We are getting them out more and more, but we're still very careful about getting near small children. Kids under two are like "germ warfare" according to our doctor. Yesterday, H&H met more family from Kilgore, TX. They are so good around strangers and tend to be comfortable in anyone's arms. I'm going to try to get better at updating this site, but there's so much going on now, yet nothing really significant--just everyday stuff. But I know that some of you need your "twin fix" each morning, so I'll do my best to update more regularly. Thanks for thinking about us!

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