Monday, September 06, 2004

Labor Day weekend

I hope everyone had a good Labor Day holiday. I know we enjoyed the day off. We spent the weekend in McComb and had a great time. Hank talks up a storm now. He just babbles on and on. Hayden won't take her feet out of her mouth long enough to try to say anything. She is constantly pulling off her socks and sucking her toes. She is the early bird--waking up first each morning. She wakes me up by talking and playing in her bed about 7:30. The toes of her footed PJs are usually soaking wet from being in her mouth. Hank thinks everything is funny now. He laughs and smiles all of the time. We are practicing using the sippy cup now, and Hayden loves it. Hank isn't quite sure about it. Hayden also loves to "feed herself". She holds my hand while I'm holding the spoon, and she guides the spoon to her mouth pretty well. This is how I keep her interested in eating--otherwise, she fights the spoon. She'd eat 4 jars of baby food if I let her feed herself--Miss Independent! Hank doesn't want to help feed himself. He just sits with his mouth wide open waiting for the next bite. He's so laid back. I weighed them at my Nanny's--Hank was 14 lbs. 7 oz. and Hayden was 12 lbs. They are really close to sitting up. They do very well with a little support. I took some pics this weekend and I hope to have them uploaded by Tuesday afternoon, so y'all check back. Please continue to remember Hank's neurosurgeon visit on the 23rd in your prayers. Thanks for checking in!

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