Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Good eaters

Talked to the nurse earlier today. Both babies are doing great. Hank is down to 20ml of oxygen, and she's going to try to take him off of it later today. He's our unpredictable child, so it's a coin-flip as to how he will do. Both babies are acting like they want more food after they've finished their bottles, so she's going to ask the doctor if they can increase the amount they eat each feeding. They are beginning to wake up every three hours now in anticipation of eating, which is a good sign. They may try to start stretching them out to 4-hour feeding intervals soon. Hayden has made it to the 5 lb. mark, and Hank is packing it on at 5 lbs. 12 oz.

**Hank and Hayden want to say "hello" to Ms. Amy's 4th grade class at ASC--thanks for the card, letters, and drawings! Maybe y'all will get something in the mail from H&H, too!**

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