Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Million Dollar Babies

We had a great checkup with the pediatrician today. She said that Hayden & Hank are both "super". She has no concerns with them right now, and thinks they are both a little ahead of where they should be at this point (I knew they were smart!). They've both gained 9 oz. in the week that they've been home--Hank is 7 lbs. 4 oz. and Hayden is 6 lbs. 3 oz. She would like to see them weekly, just to keep an eye on their weight gain, which right now is right on schedule. We got our hospital bill today... Many of you have asked how much it was going to be, and many of you have wondered but weren't sure if it was appropriate to ask. We don't mind telling--so far, the tally is $698,691.75!!! Thank goodness for insurance and Medicaid (all babies born under 1200 grams automatically qualify for Medicaid, and ours were 840 and 800). That means we aren't responsible for one dime of the bill... How awesome is that??? (Thanks to everyone for paying their taxes! Betcha didn't realize you weren't just PRAYING for H&H, you were PAYING for them, too!) I better go check on the kids--Hayden spit up in her bed, so I had to strip the sheets. Putting more sheets on is a two person job, so I'm waiting on Jay to come home to help. In the meantime, the twins are in the same bed, and I hope they don't kill each other. They are both so mobile, scooting and clawing at everything. Keep checking in for more updates...

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