Monday, April 26, 2004


The babies had an eye doctor appointment today, and everything looked normal. He has been seeing them weekly since they were 5 weeks old because of possible eye problems associated with prematurity and prolonged receipt of oxygen. He even checked them today to see what the prognosis was for glasses down the road, and he doesn't think that they will need them as toddlers, which is also good news. The kids did great on the trip over to Jackson--they slept the entire time--even through their exams. Hank woke up briefly in the waiting room, but Hayden was sacked out. They began to stir when we were just a few blocks from returning home. What troopers! Tomorrow (Tues) we have our first pediatrician appointment. It will be interesting to see what they weigh--we got spoiled with daily weight updates while they were in the hospital, and it's killing us to not know if they are getting enough food. We'll be sure to update with the latest stats from tomorrow's appt. Have a great Tuesday!

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