Saturday, April 17, 2004

Happy 3-month B-day H&H!!!

I can't believe it's been that long, and the end of the hospital stay is finally in sight. We're still on go for Tuesday. Jay & I will spend Sunday and Monday nights at the hospital. The babies will room-in with us, and we will be completely responsible for them during that time. The nurses will come in and check on us throughout the days and nights to make sure all FOUR of us are alive! Basically, it will be a trial run for us as parents with premature babies, and for the babies in an environment outside of the NICU (but not too far from it, just in case). We are so excited about having them all to ourselves, with no wires, and the freedom to hold them and touch them whenever we want to (not that the nurses don't let us, but that we're so far away from them and only see them about an hour a day). We're also a little sad about leaving the hospital. We've made some good friends there--other parents and many of the nurses. We were joking last night that we've been there so long that we've just made ourselves at home. We no longer have to tell the lady that answers the NICU door who we are. We know the other babies in there, how long they've been there, and which parents go with which babies. We know about many of the nurses families and backgrounds and how long they've been working in the NICU. We know which ones we can joke around with and which ones are all business. But we know that all of them love our babies and spoil them rotten when we can't be around. We will be forever thankful for the entire staff at Baptist, but mainly the nurses that have tended to our children. They will always be so special to us, and we plan to keep in touch by sending pictures and attending the annual NICU reunion. Just because the babies will be home soon, don't think that we'll abandon this website. We'll still update it with all of the twins' "firsts", and of course there'll be pictures! The site is doing something different with the photo gallery now, so it will be a little while before I get pics re-uploaded, but I can assure you that there will be plenty of pictures to be shared in the future. Thanks for everything, and please keep your fingers crossed that we make it home with both babies on Tuesday. We'll update as soon as we get a chance and let you know if we all survived the trip home. We love y'all!

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