Thursday, January 29, 2004

Don't worry, be happy

We just returned from my dr appt in Jackson. Thank goodness my dr liked what he saw and didn't re-open my incision! We had a good visit with Dr. Robbins, the babies' doctor this week. He told us that right now, the only thing we need to be worried about, as far as long term effects go, is Hank's brain bleed. They will be doing another head scan in the next few days to determine if the bleeding has been absorbed or if it has caused any swelling. H & H were both off the ventilators today. That's a great improvement, that they are breathing well on their own. However, it most probably won't be permanent. It is very common for preemies to go on and off the vent, but any time spent off the vent means their lungs aren't in too bad of shape. Please continue to keep us in your prayers, specifically that Hank's brain bleed will be resolved. You are all so precious to us!

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