Wednesday, January 28, 2004

No news is good news...

It was a slow news day for the Harrison family today, and I'm not complaining one bit. Both babies seem to be doing fine. Hank is not showing any signs of pneumonia, and Hayden is a little less sensitive than she has been. Jay & I drove over to see them this afternoon, but they wouldn't let us in. The NICU had a new admission right when we got there, and they were having to work on the new baby pretty hard. It was tough to leave without seeing H & H, but we'll get to see them about noon tomorrow after my checkup. Hopefully, the doctor will like what he sees with my incision and not want to open it back up. Jay won his game last night, so his team moves on to the 2nd round down at Oak Grove Saturday at 3:00. Please pray for them to have a safe trip and that the babies continue this boring streak. I wish I could email each of you personally, but that would take forever. Know that we are so grateful for all of you!

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