Sunday, January 25, 2004

Home Alone

Jay just returned from visiting the twins (I'm restricted to visits only every other day for a couple of weeks). Hayden and Hank are both stable, still at the same breathing rates and oxygen levels. The nurse said that they found out that H & H do better if it's quiet and the lights are turned down, so they have turned off their bilirubin lights that help diminish their jaundice. The nurses gave me some little blankets to wear inside my shirt for a few days while I was in the hospital. They hold in my scent, and they've placed them in bed with the babies, so they can be comforted by my smell. Isn't that amazing??? Right now, they have the blankets over their heads to keep the light out. Jay took some video for me tonight, and all you can see are their little behinds poking out! They're giving Hank 10 ml of milk now...He's going to get so fat! Hayden's murmur is much quieter than it was, so they think that the meds are doing the trick. They will do an echocardiogram tomorrow to see if her patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) has closed--it being open is what's causing the murmur. It's very common for preemies to have this condition, but only 10% ever need surgery to correct it. Please pray specifically for Hayden's PDA to close and for Hank's brain bleed and his lungs since he has needed more help breathing than Hayden has from the beginning. Thank you again for taking time out to check up on us. (Happy Bday Uncle Danny & Jan).

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