Saturday, January 24, 2004

Missing in Action

Many of you are wondering why we haven't updated the site. It seems we are getting very good at surprise hospital admissions. Thursday night I noticed some redness near my incision, so I rode with Jay to visit the babies and have a nurse look at me. It turned out that my incision was infected and required me to be readmitted for 2 nights. It's now Saturday, and hopefully I'm back home for good--although I definitely didn't mind being just down the hall from the babies for a couple of nights! They are doing fine. We got a report Friday morning that Hayden had a Category 1 brain bleed, and Hank had a Category 3 bleed. Of course, it scared us to death, but these bleeds are very common and often will not cause any long-term damage. There is always a risk of cerebral palsy with a Category 3, but we were instructed not to hyper-focus on this. We do ask that you pray specifically for Hank's bleeding to be absorbed to eliminate these risks. Hayden is being herself--trucking right along with no major problems. Last night, the nurse let me take Hank's temperature, and we watched them get fed. Hayden is getting 3.5 ml of milk every 3 hours, and Hank is getting 5.5 ml. They are both tolerating it very well. Today is their 1-week birthday, and before we left the hospital today, I sang Happy Birthday to them. Hank wiggled around, so I'm not sure he enjoyed my singing, but Hayden was a trooper, as usual. We are amazed at how many people have checked out this site, and we thank you for your interest in our babies. Your prayers are definitely being heard and answered!!!

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