Saturday, January 31, 2004


Another fairly boring day (we love those!). My mom, grandmother Gilbert, and I visited the twins this morning, and they were both still off the vents. I couldn't believe it! I really didn't expect them to go this long breathing on their own. They've both gained weight--Hank is 1-13 and Hayden is 1-14.8 (what a chunk!). She is tolerating her continuous feedings very well, and they've increased her to 2cc/hour. Hank is up to 5cc every 3 hours. His head scan came back unchanged. The dr said that's what he expected. This means that the bleeding hasn't been absorbed, but it hasn't bled anymore either or caused any swelling. He said that this is a slow process, so it could be some time before we see any major change. They will do another scan in a week. Hayden's scan came back completely clear. Everything else remains pretty much the same. My dad and LeWair visited tonight, and they said both babies were resting soundly. Jay is debating on going over tonight. His team lost in the 2nd round of the playoffs in Hattiesburg today... in the last 15 seconds of the 2nd overtime. He's pretty bummed, and said he wants to see the twins on their birthday, so we may be headed back later on. If there are no changes, then I won't be updating again--"No news is good news!" Even though things have been going smoothly over the past few days, please don't scratch us off your prayer list yet! We've still got a long way to go! We appreciate each and every one of you!

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