Friday, January 30, 2004

High-maintenance Hayden

I just spoke with the babies' nurses for today. Both are still on CPAP (off the ventilator), but Hank will probably be going back on the vent pretty soon. He's had several apnea spells, so they gave him a boost of caffiene, which only helped a little. His lungs are just still very immature. They will do another head scan this afternoon, and we hope to have the results by tomorrow afternoon, but you never know on a weekend. He weighs 1 lb. 12.8 oz. Hayden is still on CPAP and doing very well. She still doesn't like it when they fool with her, so they leave her alone unless there's something they absolutely have to do. They are putting her on a continous feeding tube that will slowly release 3cc of milk to her over a period of 3 hours. They feel that she will tolerate this more than one big 3cc feeding every 3 hours. She weighs 1 lb. 12.3 oz. Please pray for good results on Hank's head scan and both of their chest xrays. Also pray for the NICU staff and the other little babies in there. They are all so precious.

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