Saturday, January 24, 2004

We've got poop!!!!!

We received our nightly update from the twins' nurse, and it seems that Hayden and Hank have moved on from wet-only diapers to poopy diapers. Amazing--the little accomplishments that excite us!!! Hank has been fussy today when those around him are loud, so they've had to turn the lights down and keep quiet around him. Hayden can sleep through a tornado. Hank is weighing 1 lb. 12 oz. and is getting a whopping 8 ml of milk every 3 hours. Hayden is a petite 1 lb. 10 oz., and they've had to suspend her feedings, because of a slight heart murmur. They've given her some medicine to treat the murmur that might upset her tummy, which is why her feedings have been put on hold until tomorrow. Hayden is breathing mostly room air (21 % oxygen), while Hank is still fluctuating between 25-35% oxygen. Tonight marks a huge milestone in their lives - 7 days old. There are many bad things that can happen during the first week of life, and the risk diminishes after that week. Thank the Lord--He is so good!!!!

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