Friday, March 12, 2004


We didn't update last night because we didn't get back to Vicksburg until about 11:30, then we worked on the nursery, hanging the window treatment and putting the finished touches on the furniture. We had another fun visit with the twins. I can't say enough just how CUTE they are. It is the sweetest thing to watch them sleeping together, holding hands. They woke up when we changed their diapers, and they just looked at each other like, "Hey, I know you!". Apparently, they aren't always that sweet - the nurse said that Hank had been hitting Hayden earlier, and it looked like he knew exactly what he was doing--how funny! Jay & I sat next to each other while he held Hank, and I held Hayden. We put their little heads together and really got to inspect them. It's so neat how different they are--he's got an olive complexion while her skin is very fair and pink. He has dark, thick hair and long dark eyelashes. Hayden's hair is very fine and light, and she has hardly any eyelashes (and no eyebrows like her mom). The nurses all think Hank looks just like Jay, and Hayden looks like me. As far as their skin color goes, they're right. But I think Hank looks like Jay's nephew, Wes--especially the dimple in his chin. Hayden looks just like my baby pictures. I can't wait to get them home, so folks can see them in person. Cute, cute, y'all! Just cute! (New pics are in the gallery)

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