Saturday, March 06, 2004

Still gaining good weight...

Our babies sure are getting fat! Hayden weighs 3 lbs. 5 oz., and Hank weighs 3 lbs. 10 oz.!!! He has more than doubled his birthweight! They were sweet, sweet tonight. I called ahead to make sure the nurses saved weighing and diaper changing until we got there, so we could do it. Hayden is so strong. She can pick her head all the way up and look around. And scoot! That little girl can scoot like a champion! She almost looks like she's crawling. Hank is funny, too. He slept the whole time tonight, but you can tuck him in really good, and the next thing you know his left foot is sticking out. He's not comfortable unless he's got his left foot poking out of his snugglies. Y'all keep praying that Hayden will be healed of her staph infection (we think she is, but we aren't sure). That way she can join her brother in his bed. I can't wait to see them all cuddled up together!

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