Monday, March 08, 2004


Hank & Hayden were sleeping soundly when we visited tonight, so we didn't disturb them. We just watched them sleep--what funny faces they make! We got lots of good news tonight--both of them are on minimal oxygen flow. The highest flow is 2 liters, which is what Hank was on last night, and has been on since he got off of CPAP weeks ago. Tonight Hank was on .5 liter, and Hayden was about .2 liter. I think Hank feels a little bit of competition with his sister back next to him, so that's why he's started doing good all of a sudden. Neither of them have their booger hoods anymore, and for the hour that we were there tonight, none of their alarms (heartrate, breathing, and oxygen saturation) went off. That's a first!!! And the eye doctor didn't find anything abnormal last night. Praise God!!! I think we're finally on the downhill stretch, and we thank you for all of your prayers!

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