Saturday, March 20, 2004

A couple of scares....

Everyone is still doing well. Hank and Hayden do a pretty good job taking their bottles for us, but some of the nurses have had some trouble with them. Last night and tonight, both H & H were turning blue and not breathing well during their feedings. That can be pretty scary for Jay & me. Successful bottle feeding comes with time, but we're so impatient because we want them home! H & H are in an open crib now--actually they are in the same bed they've been in, but they've lifted the top up. We wrap them up like little burritos, and they just sleep and sleep. We found out that day-care is out of the question for preemies like ours. They don't need to be around other children and get their cooties, because their immune systems and lungs are so immature for the first couple of years. So, please pray that we can find someone dependable who'll love our children and take very good care of them in our home. Thanks for staying interested in us!

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