Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Getting to act like parents...

We had a good visit with the babies last night. The nurses are really putting us to work now that the babies are more stable. We walked in, and immediately Hank's nurse told us to take his temp, change his diaper, and roll him over on his side while she took care of another baby. So I did. Meanwhile, Jay wandered over to Hayden's side of the room. When I finished with Hank, I went to check on Hayden, and Jay had already taken her temp, changed her diaper (another wet one--what luck!), and was in the midst of weighing her. We are learning so much about the care of our twins. Of course, it will probably all go out the window once we get them home. Right now, they are so sweet and sleep all the time. When they wake up, they just lie there with their eyes open and don't make a sound. They're probably just fooling us with their good behavior to make sure that we really want them to come home with us. Then once we get them home, they'll change their tune completely! Hank has another head scan today, so please remember him in your prayers. Hayden doesn't have any more staph infections right now, so please pray that we've jumped that hurdle. Have a great Wednesday!

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