Thursday, March 18, 2004

Jay's #2 #2...

Hayden & Hank are doing great. We fed them their bottles tonight and "kangarooed" again. They are so precious, and we love just looking and them and inspecting all of their pieces and parts. Jay got another poopy diaper from Hank tonight (I'm so excited!). Hayden has finally hit the 4-pound mark, and Hank is 4-8.8. If she keeps up her weight for another day or so, they'll lift the top of their bed up, and they'll begin to sleep in the open air (the bed they're in provides extra heat for their little bodies, since they don't regulate their temps very well yet). Just another step closer to coming home. Hayden is on just a tiny whiff of oxygen, and Hank isn't far behind her. It will be so nice to see their sweet faces without any tubes attached! Please pray that they will continue to eat well without dropping their heartrate or oxygen saturation, and that they will begin to take more than just 2 bottles a day. Pray that their dependence on oxygen will continue to decrease and that we won't see any long-term effects of Hank's brain bleed. We can't wait for y'all to meet them!!!

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