Saturday, February 07, 2004

Happy 3 Week B-day!

We had a great visit with the twins today. They had lots of special visitors--my dad, LeWair, Nanny, PaPaw Sam, Aunt Theresa, and Uncle Danny. Of course, they all agreed with us that they are the two most beautiful babies on the planet! I held Hayden again, and Hank got jealous, as usual. Maybe my holding her will give him some incentive to strengthen his lungs, so he can get back off the CPAP and be held again. Dr. Owens called us today with the news that Hank's head scan looks like the bleeding has stabilized. That's great news, but we still have to keep watching it week by week. Luckily, the weeks seem to be flying by--we should have these babies home in no time! Hank's a big enough boy now to start getting vitamins. I asked the nurse if they were Flintstones, but she didn't seem all that amused and explained to me that it was a liquid that was added to his milk. Like I thought they were chunking a big Dino in his little mouth... it must've been a long day for her or something. Thanks again for all of your prayers. Keep up the good work!!!

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